Hey Sweat Sister!

"On this journey I've met amazing women who have pushed me, comforted me and cheered me on."

Hi, I'm Denese your super addicted to Afrifitness Sweat sister! I joined Afrifitness because I was looking for a fitness programme that enticed me, something to fall in love with at a time when I wasn't in love with myself. 

The music and the moves ignited a fire inside me. Coach Rachael was so bubbly and I could feel her warmth through the screen. Afrifitness became my happy place and before I knew it I had lost a total of 7 stones (98lbs). I couldn't believe it!!

On this journey I've met amazing women who have pushed me, comforted me and cheered me on. 

We've all made such pure connections for life, I could never find that anywhere else! Now It's my turn to be all that for another sweat sister. I've been you and I know where you're heading

Join my support group and let me journey with you! 

Denese Henry - London (GMT+1)

Join my live accountability sessions every Monday & Thursday 7am GMT on Zoom. Join us on WhatsApp to get notified weekly and have fun working out with other Sweat Sisters.


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Denese's meals

"Knowing I could still eat carbs during my weight loss journey was a huge plus for me!" Here are some of the meals I eat during the week."

Oxtail stew, rice and plantain

Grilled chicken, bok choy and tomato salad

Grilled fish, cous cous and avocado

Pasta, sausage and plantain

Grilled fish, cous cous and steamed spinach

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What do we offer?

Afrifitness it is about REALISTIC weight loss and a healthy lifestyle. It is not about trying to achieve a 6 pack.

We do away with pressuring women to have an unrealistic body image and we focus more on offering quality exercises, healthy recipes and a loving community.

Our most popular product is our 28 Day Challenge on Afrifitness Extra. It's a structured workout plan with daily exercise videos and 24/7 support. Each month there’s a brand new challenge and there are thousands of women on the Challenge.

A big part of what we offer is SUPPORT. We're passionate about ensuring that our Afrifitness Sweat Sisters offer round the clock support in a safe, non judgemental and supportive environment.

We are not here to put pressure on women to lose weight. We instead offer support, advice and plans to help women lose weight when they are 100% ready to do so. Every woman is an individual and we treat you as such.

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