How Women Are Losing Weight & Burning Off Stubborn Belly Fat Without Restrictive Diets or Time-Consuming Workouts...

Attention: Women with at least 10-15lbs to lose...


This new “30 Day Reboot” you're about to discover has helped women burn fat and keep the weight off for good.

If you're frustrated with complicated diets… not having enough time…

and you want to stop feeling demotivated…

then watch this video and read the information below, because it can change your life forever:

In this short message, I’m going to do something a little drastic…

I’m going to reveal exactly how busy women just like you… are finally dropping weight in 30 days.

And I’m going to show you how to do it without crazy diets, long workouts, or adding to your already stressful schedule.

Sound too good to be true?

Well, I’m also going to offer you a money back guarantee. Either this works and you drop a dress size… or you pay nothing.

If you're anything like the busy women using my 30 Day Reboot...

You've seen fad diets come and go and you've probably tried them…

But the weight isn't where you want it to be and you’re starting to shop for new clothes…again.

Somewhere, life got in the way…

The relationship…the kids…the job…the business…the family…the bills…

All the plans you’ve tried just didn’t work, or were too hard to follow over the long haul.

So I get it. I know why you’re skeptical that I can claim to help you substantially reduce your weight and start seeing real results in just 30 days.

But give me a few minutes, and I’ll not only prove it to you, but I’ll make you an offer that “you can’t refuse.”

Before I reveal how this 30 Day Reboot will transform your life, allow me to introduce myself...

My name is Rachael Okesola

I'm a fitness coach & the founder of Afrifitness

I specialise in fitness and weight loss for busy women. It's my life mission.

When I was growing up, I struggled with my weight as I was extremely skinny and people would often tease me and tell me that I needed to gain weight

I also had terrible skin that was extremely oily and spotty.

I was insecure about my weight and skin and so like most women, I looked for the quickest cure.

I tried pills, creams and peels to clear my skin and drank shakes and high calories foods to gain weight.

I was desperate to be one of "pretty girls at school" but my skin only got worse and my weight climbed up.

I eventually stopped trying to look for overnight solutions and started searching for a long term fix.

I started learning more about nutrition and fitness and the ways it was affecting my skin and weight.

I discovered so many different diets, workouts, tips and programs. Some were great, but most... not not so much.

For weeks, I just commited to working out and followed a healthy eating plan.

Finally the hard work started paying off!

I was over the moon and eating a strict diet and working out started to become something I looked forward to every day...

That was until I hit my mid thirties and life got busy.

I didn't have as much time to workout and following a strict eating plan became unbearable.

If you've ever struggled to stay consistent, I understand the feeling...

So I started focusing on finding a way to make it much easier and that’s when I discovered the power of creating a sustainable routine.

As women, neglecting our health is perhaps the #1 most dangerous thing we can do...

So, if you're a busy woman...

And you’re ready to avoid feeling overwhelmed and lost

And you want to make real progress…

You’re committed to creating a new routine…

And you want to achieve your ideal dress size…

By being consistent (this is non-negotiable)...

Then there’s absolutely no reason why you can’t do what I did…

I went from overcomplicating my diet and weight loss, to keeping it simple!

HEALTH is the foundation of everything you and I love in life.

Health is the foundation of your energy, vitality, confidence, and ability to provide for your family and enjoy your life.

It's so easy to lose sight of how important our health really is amidst the busyness of life.

I'm about to show you the 30 Day Reboot I designed exclusively for women that's been proven on women who want to lose weight, burn belly fat, and get healthy for life.

First though, let me SAVE YOU some time, energy, and frustration by busting a few of the WORST “fitness approaches” you absolutely must avoid.

Here are the WORST PLANS you must avoid...


“I just need to work out more to lose weight"

Many women believe that working out more is the key to losing weight. This is a MYTH.

As we tell our Sweat Sisters, nutrition is 80% of the battle… and you can't out exercise a bad diet.

In fact, we’ve seen women lose 50lbs with ZERO exercise at all. And when you combine the right workouts for women, you start seeing even faster results.


“Super resitrictive diet"

When many women think about dieting, their go-to plan is to restrict carbs… and cut out all the ‘bad’ foods. Never have a pizza, bread, or pasta ever again.

How long do you think that restrictive diet will actually last?

Although eating less processed food is a key part of losing weight & getting healthier, this type of restrictive eating is NEVER sustainable or long-term.

You just need 2 things to make progress:

1. A plan

2. Accountability

To lose weight and actually keep the pounds off long-term you need a SIMPLE & SUSTAINABLE eating plan that will work for you long-term…

✔ a plan allows you to enjoy healthy foods you love each day…

✔ a plan that's simple and easy to follow

✔ a plan that allows you to indulge in “unhealthy foods” on occasion without gaining fat…

✔ a plan that gives you the flexibility to eat out at restaurants and enjoy your life.

Listen, restrictive dieting has probably failed you in the past, and it will continue to fail you in the future. Because as women age, our bodies & metabolisms change drastically.

So we can’t follow the same advice that a 20-year-old woman would follow. And we definitely can’t follow the diet advice from Beyonce, Kim K or Lori Harvey.

So what does work?


A clear guide and action plan. No guessing or figuring things out for yourself.

Safety. Your body isn’t as resilient as it was in your early 20’s. After years of little exercise, a program needs to be built to accommodate for that.

Simple. You work for a living. Any program you do needs to be simple and to the point.

Sustainable. You’re not looking for something that is going to help you drop 5 pounds and gain 10 back when you stop. It needs to be a “forever” change that you can stick to without hating your life.

Accountability. When life gets in the way, we need someone who has our back to keep things on track. Without it, we fall back into bad habits and wasted time.

When I started training women, I couldn’t find a program that fit those essential criteria.

So I built one...

Designed to get you incredible results in just 30 days… but built to last a lifetime.

30 Day Reboot is a weight loss diet & exercise program exclusively for women that helps you get rid of belly fat fast, drop at least a dress size AND actually keep the pounds off by helping you build real habits.

I created 30 Day Reboot to hand you EVERYTHING you need with your healthy diet, time-efficient workouts, and accountability to get healthy.

This is the program I wish I had when I first started my journey…

Inside 30 Day Reboot, you have EVERYTHING you need:

A Live Group Call Every Month To Get The Hands-On Support You Need

Access To Our Meal Planning App To Help You Plan Your Weekly Meals Easily

Get Weekly Acountability Every Monday & Friday So You Stay Consistent And See Faster Progress

Monthly Workout Challenges To Help You Stay Active Even When You're Not Motivated

BONUS: A 1:1 Call With A Coach To Kickstart Your New Routine And Set Your Goals

BONUS: Must Have Carb Portion Guide So You Don't Have To Give Them Up

What do you get with the 30 Day Reboot?

After years of helping women lose weight, understanding what works and what doesn't work, I've included everything you need and more!


Learn how to portion your carbs without calorie counting. My simple carb portion guide shows you how many carbs are in your favourite foods including rice, plantain, pounded yam, bread etc so you can still eat them and lose weight.


Weight loss isn’t just about knowing you need to ‘eat less and move more, it’s about knowing what to do for your personal goals and lifestyle. A 1-2-1 call with our weight loss coaches will help with that!

Planning your meals has never been so easy

Most women feel overwhelmed because trying to juggle a job, a family, a business, and life in general is hard. Don't let meal planning be another stressful thing on your to do list.

Decide how committed you are

Join the 30 Day Reboot today and I promise you'll love your experience and results… or we give you a full refund. We make this guarantee because we want you to know this program is the real deal.



$12.69 a week paid monthly


Denese literally followed the EXACT same plan and lost over 90lbs in 7 months

"I was in a really bad relationship, depressed and gained A LOT of weight...

I tried fad diets and even went to the doctor but nothing worked.

I tried a few workouts on YouTube but I couldn't stay consistent.

Afrifitness was EXACTLY what I needed! The music got me hooked and I fell in love with Rachael's coaching style.

There was no rest till my goals were met. Now, this ultimate "get snatched" formula is now available to YOU!"

And just in case you're wondering if this is all possible for you, you're in luck...

Whether you're just getting started with your fitness or you've been at it in the past

...getting off the weight loss rollercoaster and finally hitting your goals CONSISTENTLY... the game-changer you've been searching for.

But achieving this successfully is not something that most women can do alone. No!

Achieving this can only be done when you are accountable to someone who wants to see you win.

After helping hundreds of women to get unstuck, I know a thing or two about eating meals and working out in a way that gets results.

It is because of that, that I went the extra mile to share my BEST plan so that you won't have to waste time trying to figure it all out on your own.

Grab The Ultimate Weight Loss Plan That Helps Women To:

✔ Remove the guesswork out of knowing what to do and what to eat

✔ Cook a variety of tasty meals so you actually look forward to eating 

✔ You’ll have a new set of habits and rituals for every single day

✔ You’ll suddenly, for the first time, know what to do when you get anxious and feel the itch to lapse back into your old ways

✔ You’ll belong to a community of women who embrace the same set of habits as you

✔ You’ll have a new relationship with food. How to control it without it controlling you

✔You’ll suddenly see dieting for what it really is and recognise its attempts to suck you in

✔ ​A few weeks from now, your life and body will be unrecognisable compared to what it is today

Join Thousands of #SweatSisters who have transformed their bodies

We’ve proudly helped women like you transform their health and bodies and they can't get enough! Most women easily lose 10-15lbs in 30 days.


"I was doing Afrifitness workouts for years then joined her program!"


"The baby weight has finally gone! Love the workouts, they're so fun."


"Afrifitness made me fall in love with myself again. I've lost a total of 98lbs!"


"I only use Afrifitness to workout. If you want results, keep dancing!"


"Finally under 200lbs. I haven't been this size in over a year! Thank you Afrifitness."


Thanks to Afrifitness plus my lifestyle change, I'm almost 20lbs down!


"The progress is real thanks to the Afrifitness challenges. So happy!"

You’re about to experience some big changes in your life.

Changes that allow you to...

Spend less time worrying about how to lose weight...

and more time hitting your goals faster.

And this is where I come in.

I want you to see me as a coach who is truly invested in your progress even when you’re not feeling confident in yourself.

The plan I share will require simple changes in your routine.

So as long as you focus on putting one foot in front of the other...

you’ll be shocked at how quickly the results come.

Now that you've finally found the coaching you need to reach your specific goals...

there has never been a better time to stop procrastinating and start taking care of yourself.


I'm ready to join, but...

How long before I see result?

Most women see a lots of water, bloat, junk, and inflammation come off in the first 7-14 days…which means about 5-10lbs of “weight”. After that, most women see a steady 1-2lbs of fat lost per week. If you're very overweight and you follow this program reall well, you can sometimes lose 20 in the first 30 days…but this isn't typical. Most women will start their journey about 10-15lbs of weight lost in 30 days, and then steadily lose more fat every month after.

How long do I need to workout?

Technically, zero. The 30 Day Reboot will still work if you can't work out at all. Of course, you'll see faster, better results if you can squeeze workouts in or stay active…so if you want the fastest, best results, you should commit to 4 workouts per week that last about 20-30 minutes each. You can do them anywhere.

Is this program hard?

It's not harder than it needs to be: you've got every single tool you'll need to do the job. Nutrition that works for busy people? Check. Workouts that fit your needs? Check. A system to follow vs. a puzzle to figure out? Check.

How soon after I register can I start?

Once you join, you'll be invited to access our meal planning app. You'll also get instant access to our workouts, challenges and then each week you'll receive support from your coach.

Will this really work for me?

Yes. With my guidance every week you will see results as long as you follow through.

What happens if this doesn’t work for me?

Then it’s ALL FREE. If you follow the plan just like I’ve laid it out for you and you’re not seeing results, just contact us and we’ll refund every penny.

Need help or have questions?

If you have any questions or concerns about this plan, please email us at