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Committing to your workouts just got

easier and more enjoyable.

Workout with other women

Starting a workout routine is easy. Committing is where the real struggle begins. We'll help you stay consistent by working out with you from the comfort of your home.

How to join

We've created our Zoom Studio to bring the feeling of an in-person class to your living room. Bookmark this page for easy access.

<p>1.Zoom Studio</p>

1.Zoom Studio

Log in to Zoom ready to start your workout. Click on the link below 5 minutes before the session is due to start.



Keep your camera on so your Sweat Sisters can see you. Keep your mic on mute during your workout.

<p>3.Set Reminders</p>

3.Set Reminders

Set a reminder on Google Calendar so you never miss a session! Click the link below to add to your calendar.

Set reminder for session 1

Set reminder for session 2

Join Session One

Mon | Thurs | Sat

7am - 8am BST

7am - 8am WAT

8am - 9am CET

2am - 3am EST

11pm - 12pm PST

Join Session Two

Mon | Thurs | Sat

1pm - 2pm BST

1pm - 2pm WAT

2pm - 3pm CET

8am- 9am EST

5am - 6am PST


When do you run the sessions?

We run the sessions every Monday, Thursday and Saturday via Zoom. Please check above for the time and join link.

I don't see my time zone. How will I know when to join?

We have women joining from all over the world so it's not possible for us to list all time zones. Please use this time zone convertor.

What's the benefit of joining via Zoom?

The Zoom sessions allow you to connect with your Sweat Sisters while you workout. If you easily lose motivation, join us via Zoom and see your Sweat Sisters working out. You're more likely to commit to your workouts throughout the challenge.

Are the workouts live?

The workouts aren't live as they have been pre-recorded but we will stream them through Zoom if you aren't able to view on your TV or smart device. The workouts are also available on Afrifitness Extra. You can stream the workout via your Smart TV, laptop, or mobile device and connect to Zoom on another device. You can also view the workout through Zoom.

Are the sessions free to join?

The Zoom sessions are free to join for Afrifitness Extra members. To view the workouts on your smart TV or mobile device, you'll need to stream via our website or app. You can also stream through Zoom. To join, please choose one of our membership plans.

Can I join any session?

Yes you can! Please join the session that's most convenient for you. You can also join both session if you want.

Do I have to keep my camera on?

We encourage you to keep your camera on so your Sweat Sisters can see you working out. Think of it like you are at the dance studio and seeing other people working out keeps you motivated.

Can I do the workouts without joining the Zoom session?

Yes you can. These Zoom sessions are for those who need accountability. If you prefer to workout in private, you are more than welcome to.