Are you ready for the challenge?

Join the Sweat Sixty challenge and transform your body in 60 days.



Afrifitness guides you through fun moves synced to the rhythm of mood-lifting afrobeats songs. 

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If song like Beyonce's "Already" rules your playlist, then you're going to enjoy moving along to Afrifitness.

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The music is on point, the moves are easy to follow and you'll you work up a sweat in under 30 minutes.


If you want to work on toning your body, Afrifitness dance workouts are perfect.

Why should you join the challenge?

Sweat Sixty is a 60 day weight loss and total body transformation challenge. For 60 days, you'll commit to working out a few days a week, eating realistic meals, and developing healthy habits.

You'll receive a step-by-step challenge tracker to guide you throughout the challenge and you'll also gain access to over 80 workouts, a meal plan and live classes. Take part now and lose a dress size in weeks.

Do workouts you enjoy

Afrifitness gives you the very best workouts online to your favourite afro beats! We have 5 different classes including dance, resistance training, HIIT, steps and twerk.

Our workouts will help you shed weight, tone up, stay consistent and help you develop a fitness routine long-term. You're also guaranteed to have fun!


Eat and lose inches

The best results are achieved when you eat meals that support your goals. We've created a fully flexible meal plan that you can download instantly.

The meals are easy to prepare and ingredients can be substituted to fit different diets. They're also family-friendly and contain ingredients most of us have at home.

Stay consistent...finally!

Buddying up is more fun, and it will even help you stay motivated and you shed more pounds! We run weekly live workouts on Zoom for members of Afrifitness Extra. You'll get to workout with your Sweat Sisters, keep each other accountable and form friendships.


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Get support from the community

Connect with other Sweat Sisters from all over the world on our IOS & Android apps.

Join Thousands of #SweatSisters

We’ve proudly helped women like you transform their health and bodies and they can't get enough! They check in daily, share their progress, encourage each other and have fun.


"The baby weight has finally gone! Love the workouts, they're so fun."


"I only use Afrifitness to workout. If you want results, keep dancing!"


"Finally under 200lbs. I haven't been this size in over a year! Thank you Afrifitness."


11kg lost but also gained muscle! Can't wait for the next challenge!"


Thanks to Afrifitness plus my lifestyle change, I'm almost 20lbs down!


"The progress is real thanks to the Afrifitness challenges. So happy!"


"Your workouts have a made a hude difference. I'm so much happier."


"Afrifitness made me fall in love with myself again. I've lost a total of 98lbs!"

Super-Addicted #SweatSister

"On this journey I've met amazing women who have pushed me, comforted me and cheered me on."

Hi, I'm Denese your super addicted to Afrifitness Sweat sister! I joined Afrifitness because I was looking for a fitness programme that enticed me, something to fall in love with at a time when I wasn't in love with myself. 

The music and the moves ignited a fire inside me. Coach Rachael was so bubbly and I could feel her warmth through the screen. Afrifitness became my happy place and before I knew it I had lost a total of 7 stones (98lbs). I couldn't believe it!!

On this journey I've met amazing women who have pushed me, comforted me and cheered me on. 

We've all made such pure connections for life, I could never find that anywhere else! Now It's my turn to be all that for another sweat sister. I've been you and I know where you're heading

See what our Sweat Sisters eat on Afrifitness

When you sign up, you'll receive a 28 Day weight loss meal plan with realistic meals including carbs!

Grilled chicken and tabbouleh salad

Eba (casava) and efo riro

Oxtail stew, rice and salad

Grilled fish, cous cous and salad

Rice and stew with grilled chicken

Spaghetti jollof with mixed veg

Your Trainers

Meet the people who make working out so fun! Our trainers specialise in dance, cardio, HIIT, resistance and steps.


aka the founder and the one with the smile


aka the jokester and the one that gives no breaks


aka the fierce one and the hot-stepper

The music you love, the results you want.

Experience the best workouts designed specifically for women who want results. There is something for every body, every mood, and every goal.

Frequently asked questions

How do I start the challenge?

Once you sign up:

  1. Download the challenge starter guide

  2. Download our app on IOS and Android

  3. Create a profile then select the Sweat Sixty challenge

  4. Follow the challenge step by step

  5. Follow our monthly workout schedule

  6. Get amazing results after 60 days

You can start the Sweat Sixty Challenge anytime and complete it as many times as you need until you achieve your goals.

What do I do after the challenge ends?

Some ladies may feel they need to do the challenge more than once to achieve their desired goal. Feel free to do it as many times as you need to.

The challenge can also help you to maintain your results long term. We also recommend that you keep using our workout videos after the challenge.

Stay active by following our monthly workout schedule; we add new workouts every month and do live classes every week.

What's included with my plan?

Membership includes access to our monthly workout scedule, step-by-step challenge guide and a meal plan. Annual members also get access to all workouts on the platform, live classes and new weekly workouts.

How will I be supported?

We have a group chat on the Afrifitness app where you can post your questions and chat with other Sweat Sisters. Our coaches are also available on the app to chat. We also have a support team available for social media, email and live chat.

Do I need any equipment?

Some of our workouts can be done without any equipment, but we recommend dumbbells, resistance bands, a kettlebell and steps board. More information on the correct equipment will be included in your starter guide.

Can I view the workouts on my TV?

There are a few ways to view your workouts on your TV:

  • View using Chromecast

  • View using Airplay

  • View using our ROKU app

  • Visit on your TV browser

  • Connect your laptop via HDMI

  • View via Samsung Smart View app