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"On this journey I've met amazing women who have pushed me, comforted me and cheered me on."

Hi, I'm Denese your super addicted to Afrifitness Sweat sister! I joined Afrifitness because I was looking for a fitness programme that enticed me, something to fall in love with at a time when I wasn't in love with myself. 

The music and the moves ignited a fire inside me. Coach Rachael was so bubbly and I could feel her warmth through the screen. Afrifitness became my happy place and before I knew it I had lost a total of 7 stones (98lbs). I couldn't believe it!!

On this journey I've met amazing women who have pushed me, comforted me and cheered me on. 

We've all made such pure connections for life, I could never find that anywhere else! Now It's my turn to be all that for another sweat sister. I've been you and I know where you're heading

See what our Sweat Sisters eat on the Afrifitness 28 Day Challenge

When you sign up, you'll receive our 28 Day Challenge weight loss meal plan with realistic meals including carbs!

Oxtail stew, rice and plantain

Eba (casava) and efo riro

Rice and stew with grilled chicken

Grilled fish, cous cous and avocado

Sweet potato, grilled chicken and tabbouleh

Grilled chicken, bok choy and tomato salad

Spaghetti jollof with prawns

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Why struggle alone? Buddying up is more fun, and it may even help you shed more pounds. That's where our Sweat Sister Support Groups come in. We run weekly live workout sessions where you can sweat together with other Sweat Sisters.


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  • 28 day challenge

  • 28 day meal plan

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  • Access the workouts 24/7

  • Access the workouts on Roku

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the challenge work?

Our 28 Day Challenge gives you a well-structured program, weekly workouts and daily motivations, all easily accessible from anywhere!

  • All members of Afrifitness Extra have access to our monthly challenge

  • To access the 28 day challenge, click 'Challenges' in the menu

  • Each challenge starts at the beginning of each month but you can join at any time

  • Follow our workout schedule posted each week to stay on track

What's included with my plan?

Membership includes access to the 28 day workouts, daily workout schedule, live events and a meal plan.

How do I download the meal plan?

Select one of the monthly 28 day challenges, under the video select resources then download the plan.

How will I be supported?

We have a group chat on the Afrifitness app where you can post your questions and chat with other Sweat Sisters. Coach is also available on the app to chat. We also have a support team available for social media, email and live chat.

Are the workouts beginner friendly?

Whether you’re new to Afrifitness or dance workouts, Afrifitness Extra offers various workouts for beginners. Don’t be intimidated, you will get into the flow of things faster than you think!

Do I need any equipment?

Some of our workouts can be done without any equipment, but we recommend dumbbells, resistance bands, and a kettlebell. 

Can I view the workouts on my TV?

There are a few ways to view your workouts on your TV:

  • View using Chromecast

  • View using Airplay

  • View using our ROKU app

  • Visit stream.afrifitness.com on your TV browser

  • Connect your laptop via HDMI

  • View via Samsung Smart View app

How do I cancel my plan?

If you don’t want to continue, you can cancel your membership at any time. Make sure you're signed in then visit "My Account" in the menu and select cancel plan.

If you forget to cancel your membership, we offer a FULL refund for renewals as long as you contact us within 24 hours of your renewal date.

Do you offer a refund?

We offer a FULL refund for membership renewals as long as you contact us within 24 hours of your renewal date.